The harnessed Cart Wheel pull is one of the most well known events in strongman. Few things inspire awe like watching a single man pull a semi or a C130 Hercules. Here’s what to expect for your first time in the harness.

In the Cart Wheel pull, you will be strapped into a harness that goes across your shoulders and chest. This harness is hooked to a Cart Wheel or something similar, and you will walk forward against the harness to move it. You will likely have a thick rope tied to something sturdy in front of you which you will use to help pull yourself forward with your back and arms. In a local level competition, expect something like a semi truck with no trailer or possibly a Cart Wheel truck. The bigger the competition, the bigger the Cart Wheel truck.

This event is 60% brute strength and 40% technique. You are going to need a huge push from your legs to get this truck moving, but without the proper technique, things will slow quickly. Do your best to stay low in the harness, with your chest closer to parallel to the ground than upright. This will allow you to push through the harness rather than fight it. It will also let you take better advantage of the rope to assist you in pulling yourself along.

Once you overcome the initial inertia of the Cart Wheel, chop your steps to keep it moving. That is, take quick, powerful steps. Don’t try to step too far, you want to be at a good leverage point for each push. As you drive forward with your legs, pull hard on the rope to keep yourself in position and moving. Do not let up with your drive at any point or the truck will slow quickly, and you will have to expend enormous energy to get it moving again. Always drive straight ahead and to your best to avoid weaving side to side as your legs grow tire as this will only waste effort.

In this event I recommend chalking up your hands and wearing shoes with excellent grip. I have seen a lot of people come into this event wearing chucks, and they have a terrible time trying to get any sort of traction. Rock climbing shoes are an excellent choice for this event if you have the extra money, but a decently threaded hiking boot can work as well.